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The Chai Folk Ensemble has been widely acclaimed as North America's oldest and largest Israeli folk dance ensemble. Founded in 1964 by the late Sarah Sommer, Chai has built an international reputation for the unique blend of international dance, music and song that gives it its name... Hebrew for "alive".

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Earlier this year we announced Chai’s plans to record a new album this year, and that the launch would take place at a concert event. Then the global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 hit and it became clear that we must postpone the concert for the safety of our performers and our audience. In the meantime, our organization has not closed its doors. We are continuing with the final stages of the album, new choreography is being created, our dancers have online classes to keep up their technique and we are still there for our performers and our supporters, every day.  To all of you who have kept donating and supporting us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.From all of us at the Chai family, please keep well and healthy. Here is a song for you to enjoy from our upcoming new album.

A great light
A concert Honouring the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Music has always been the lifeblood of the Jewish people. From chanting in synagogue to celebratory singing at weddings, music is integral to who we are. It is also a huge part of what makes the Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble so special, as the integration of music and dance is integral to who we are.

This year, Chai will be launching a brand new album, the first in ten years. Made up of both spiritual and contemporary Jewish music, this record will represent Winnipeg’s Jewish community, from those who have been here for generations to those who have just arrived.  

In addition to the recording, this project will feature a full-length performance of the album through both song and dance. This will be a landmark occasion, as it honours the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, and all the incredible contributions it has made to our community.

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Concert in Honour of Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
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