chai donation

The Chai Folk Ensemble provides young dancers, singers, and instrumentalists from all across Winnipeg the opportunity to express their love of Jewish arts and culture through performance and advocacy. Every gift, large or small, helps our performers shine both on stage and through their community outreach work.

Through your support in 2020, Chai managed to create beautiful art while maintaining a continued presence in the hearts and homes of our donors. With your gift:

-Chai singers and band recorded a brand-new album, their first in ten years.

-Chai performed a special concert for the residents of the Simkin Centre, helping us give back to those who paved the way for Chai in our first couple decades

-Chai created digital music and dance video content, so even if we weren’t able to perform for you onstage, we could at least perform through your screen.

This year promises to come with as many challenges - and as many innovations, too.

In 2021, your donation will help:

-Chai launch our upcoming album, A Great Light, through a live or virtual celebration, whichever way is safe and meaningful.

-Chai plan a virtual, interactive program this spring so that everyone in our community, regardless of age or experience, can share their love of Israeli dance.

Thank you to our generous corporate sponsors and the foundations who have supported us this year.