Chai's 2010 studio album "Wanderings"
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2.Hava Nagilla Gila
3. Avinu Malkeinu
4. Alle Brider
5. Hem RakduYechefim
6. Shirei Ro’imVe’Ohavim
7.Eli Atah
8. Ahava
9. Nanua
10. HemRakdu Yecheifim (Interlude)
11. Rumania
12.Kol Ha’olam Kulo / Yerushalim Habnuyah / Kol HaKavod

chai jewellery

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Through the universal languages of music and dance, the Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble reminds audiences around the world what a joy and privilege it is to be alive. Designed by Hilary Druxman to commemorate Chai’s 50th anniversary, this handcrafted sterling silver wearable art honours the past while propelling us into the future with renewed energy. Net proceeds will help Chai continue to share Jewish culture and history, find our commonality and embrace our passion and humanity.